ever since i was 12 i have vowed never to do karaoke again due to the traumatizing experience on this one day cruise to mexico. & then one time, while visiting my relatives that had a karaoke machine, they set up kung fu fighting for me when i went to the bathroom, even though i had politely informed them, "oh hell no." but then finally, when i went to australia, i decided to go balls out & do all kinds of things i normally wouldn't do, karaoke included. & my god, i couldn't be any farther from home. so rhiannon & i were going to do britney spears' baby one more time...& if you guys remember my little britney video from vidville back in the day, you know that shit would have been off the hook. but they never called our names. isn't that some bullshit? & that was it. my karaoke moment lost forever.
until last night.
& i wasn't even that drunk really.
but i think deep down inside i really wanted to do it...& i wouldn't have to fly solo...& they had pink floyd...
so i just kinda happened to mention to my buddy that i would have done a song with him, thinking that we wont have enough time left to get a request in. oh there was time. so we did pink floyd money. money's not really a fast paced song, so we're just bobbing along while the people in the bar are just standing there staring at us. totally felt like the typical cheesy karaoke lounge deal. whatever, it's cool, it's floyd & i can sing fairly on key. but the shitter was the saxophone solo. we're just standing up there swaying & looking like retards waiting for the last chorus. & it finally fades out at the end of the solo. ummm dur, hello, is that it? the end. the karaoke guy apologized, but that's just how they'd made the song. lame. but as we were getting off the stage, the guy getting on said he knew me. turns out it was the guy who got me hooked on 501 blues. hot damn! i shoulda bought him one as i'm forever grateful.
but even though my karaoke experience wasn't nearly as kickass as the dudes who did shout (they ruled), i think i may kinda....you know...like karaoke. dude, me & this guy are already planning on going back there next monday night & doing it again. in fact, i can see the allure of the karaoke. i can see myself being a karaoke master. forget crack, crack is whack. karaoke is where it's at, jack.
& i was wearing an angora sweater. that might seem inconsequential, but i have noticed this trend of discoveries when i go out wearing angora sweaters. i discovered 501 blues in an angora sweater. i discovered that sports cafe had a basement with pool tables whilst wearing an angora sweater. & i have discovered my calling as a karaoke master in a brand new angora sweater.
i shall now be spending even less time job searching, & more time searching for good karaoke songs & practicing my karaoke acts. god help us all.

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