man, i was walking around wal-mart with a "hello, my name is 69" name tag on my stomach. i forgot i was wearing my audition #...whoops! anyway, this week is auditions for the state college community theatre so i decided to go for it. while the experience wasn't traumatizing, i don't think i'll be getting a call back. you audition in a group & the directors give you a scene to read. i know one of the directors, but his play didn't really have any parts for young girls. anyway, i've read the plays in advance, & i'm thinking the parts i'll be up for are maggie in lend me a tenor & deirdre in i hate hamlet. the part i get to read is this old new york real estate lady from i hate hamlet - a part i wasn't preparing for, so that kinda sucked. the director actually told me to read the part of this really old german lady & i'm thinking, christ, are you kidding?? i must be not at ALL what they want. but even though she told me the page with the old german lady on it, she really wanted me to read the real estate lady. so i dunno, i don't think i was all that great. it's nice, though, since i'm not expecting to get a part...i will be very pleasantly surprised if i get a call! so...? yeah. i guess i'll hear back by may 7. it's kinda like when i met that dude (er, except i was expecting him to call)...as each day goes by without a call, my hope slowly dies. i hope i get a part, though, i really do. i need something to do this summer. argh.

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